Back Injuries: How To Get Back To Your Weight Training Program

When lifting heavy weights, you can place a considerable amount of strain on your back. If you do not lift weights properly, you may hurt your back and you will then need to make changes to your workout to make sure that you do not further hurt your back. With the help of a chiropractor, you will be able to get back to back workouts.

See a Chiropractor

Visit a chiropractor before you go back to lifting weights. A chiropractor will examine your back and will determine if it is safe for you to return to weight lifting. The chiropractor will also use spinal manipulation and engage in other practices to help you recover more quickly from your back injury. The chiropractor performs a spinal manipulation by either using his or her hands or by using a device to apply force to the spine. This technique not only alleviates pain, but also improves the function of the spine. Also, consider visiting a massage therapist. You will also need to make regular trips back to the chiropractic office to see how well you are progressing.

Ask your chiropractor if he or she will evaluate your form to determine if you are lifting weights in a safe manner. The chiropractor will also examine your posture to determine if this is contributing to your hurt back. You may need to take some time off and only engage in workouts that do not target your injured back muscles. Your chiropractor will often try to determine if you can perform a perfect air squat to assess how safely you would be able to lift weights. When you are able to perform several air squats, you will often be able to return to your normal workout. For more information, contact clinics like Dils Chiropractic. 

Give Yourself Time to Recover

For the first couple of days, rest as much as you can and take a break from your workout. While you may not want to lose valuable days, you'll lose even more time if you hurt your back even worse. Also, ice your back frequently to lower any inflammation. As you recover, you will be allowed to gradually return your life to normal.

As you recover and begin working out your back again, use lighter weights and slowly work your way back up to the heavier weights you were used to. Also, use a weight machine instead of free weights. A weight machine does not put as much strain on your back. Also, you do not need as much assistance when using a weight machine, though it is always safer to still workout with someone else.