Three Things To Do After Your Chiropractic Adjustment

Visiting a chiropractor can help you deal with a variety of physical health issues, from back pain to headaches and more. Although your busy lifestyle might make it a challenge to set aside time for your chiropractic adjustment, it's ideal to rearrange your schedule to allow for some dedicated recovery time once you leave the clinic. There's no set amount of time you should spend during the recovery phase, given that each adjustment is different. In general, though, it's ideal to perform one of these three post-adjustment activities instead of jumping right back into your daily routine, given that the latter can possibly reverse the progress made during the appointment.

Take A Walk

Although you should always check with your chiropractor to see how soon after an adjustment you should take a walk, this simple form of exercise can be beneficial. Walking helps to ensure that your back stays in an upright, healthy position, promotes the healing process by increasing your circulation through your heightened heart rate and promotes a general sense of well-being through the release of endorphin hormones. Adopting a vigorous walking pace isn't ideal; instead, focus on talking a short, relaxing walk and you'll be helping to maximize your trip to the chiropractor.

Enjoy Some Rest

Many chiropractic patients feel relaxed after visiting the clinic, which makes taking a rest an ideal way to spend your post-adjustment hours. Sleep is restorative and helpful for many physical conditions, provided you do so with the proper posture. Speak to your chiropractor about the ideal sleeping position for your body and the nature of your injury. Often, you should avoid sleeping face-down, as doing so can compress your back and lead to further issues. A safer sleeping position is face-up with a thin- or medium-thickness pillow positioned between your knees and the mattress to take some pressure off your low back.

Avoid Stressful Activities

Stress can easily flare up your back pain, which isn't ideal after you've just invested in a chiropractic adjustment. If possible, schedule time simply to relax after your appointment. This might mean avoiding returning to work; for this reason, a late-afternoon appointment time can be ideal. If you find that your home life can be stressful, look for a relaxing activity that you can perform before returning home, such as visiting a museum or art gallery or taking a leisurely walk through your city's shopping district.

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