Use Aerobic Exercise As A Way To Reduce Back Pain

When you're suffering from back pain, it's easy to feel tempted to lie on the couch or stay in bed. Doing so might seem comforting, but it won't have any positive affect on your discomfort. You're far better off getting up and moving. Aerobic exercise is a valuable tool in your battle against back pain. Not only does this type of exercise increase your circulation to promote blood flow to heal your back, but it also strengthens your muscles and releases endorphins that can improve how you feel. The key to aerobic exercise is to ensure your chosen activity has a low impact that won't worsen your pain. Here are three choices.


Walking might seem pretty basic, but its fitness benefits are impressive. This activity can help you manage your weight, strengthen your bones and reduce your stress. Walking is ideal for those with back pain because it's a moderate-intensity activity that is typically possible to perform. Additionally, this form of exercise can help to strengthen your body's postural muscles, which can aid in reducing your discomfort. Perhaps best of all, you don't need specific equipment and you shouldn't have trouble fitting a walk into your daily routine, even if you live a busy lifestyle.


If you have convenient access to a swimming pool, swimming laps can help to reduce your pain. The water's buoyancy means the impact of this exercise is negligible, which will prevent it from causing you pain. Additionally, the rhythmic nature of swimming can help put you into an almost meditative-like state, which can help to get your mind off your discomfort. It's generally best to avoid swimming strokes that involve considerable twisting, as these can cause further back pain. As such, stick to strokes such as the breast stroke and the back stroke.


The wrong posture -- such as leaning too far forward -- can actually cause pain when you're bicycling. However, if you take the right approach, you can often include this aerobic exercise in your fitness routine. Many back pain patients favor riding a stationary bike and, in particular, a recumbent bike. Sitting in this position as you pedal helps to keep your spine straight, which can occasionally be difficult when you're riding a traditional bicycle. As with any form of exercise, it's best to cease the activity immediately if you experience pain; if you find that bicycling isn't for you, try another suitable form of exercise.

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