Three Healthy Ways To Spend Your Time After Visiting The Chiropractor

When you have physical pain and are seeking treatment from a chiropractor, the manner in which you spend your time after your adjustment can either help or hinder. It's important to remember that a chiropractic adjustment causes a significant physical change in your body, especially if your back was severely out of alignment. If possible, it's best to avoid jumping right back into your regular daily routine after your visit to the chiropractor. Instead, talk to your chiropractor about any specific after-care steps you should take and then consider these three healthy ways to spend your time.

Get Plenty Of Rest

Resting is important in the hours that follow your chiropractic adjustment, especially if you're experiencing some degree of muscle pain from the treatment. Grab an ice pack to hold against the affected area to provide relief, and then think about spending time lying down. As you rest, it's important to stay in a position that promotes the proper alignment of your spine; otherwise, you could pull your back out of alignment soon after it's been put into the correct position. One healthy position for resting is on your side with your legs slightly bent and a pillow held between them. Lightly pinching the pillow prevents your top leg from sliding forward and putting a strain on your back.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water throughout the day is always advantageous, but ensuring that you're adequately hydrated after you receive a chiropractic adjustment is especially important. Water plays a key role in helping your body recover and also serves as a valuable way to help remove the toxins that could have been released inside your body during the adjustment. Water intake car vary by person, but it's important to ensure that you're drinking steadily and never feel thirsty. If thirst occurs, you're already in the early stages of dehydration, which isn't ideal after your adjustment.

Try Some Gentle Exercise

Unless your chiropractor specifically advises against it, some exercise after your adjustment can be beneficial, provided you don't push yourself too hard. A suitable exercise that many chiropractic patients use is walking. It doesn't involve excessive twisting of the spine, unlike some physical activities, and can improve the distribution of nutrients in the blood stream to your back, which can lend a hand to the process of healing. Don't push yourself by walking too long or too quickly and if you begin to notice any discomfort, stop the activity right away. Contact your chiropractor like one from Stroud Chiropractic Clinic for more information and tips for recovery.