Best Treatment for Knee Pain Caused By Arthritis

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the National Health Interview Survey conducted in 2012 revealed an astounding 51 million people suffer from arthritis. One of the common spots on the body that individuals find arthritis is the knee. If you fit into this category, there are a few treatments you can incorporate into your daily routine to reduce or eliminate the pain in your knee. 

Take Pain Relieving and Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Your doctor will get you started on a regimen of acetaminophen for the pain and an anti-inflammatory drug to help reduce any swelling. These medications are meant to be used short term, and to give you relief while you begin additional treatments for the knee pain. 

Sign Up for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is extremely important when you are suffering from arthritis in your knee. Although it may be uncomfortable at first, the more you move around the better it is for your joint health, and the more range of motion you'll be able to keep. Most insurances will cover physical therapy sessions if you get a script from your family physician. You may also be able to find relief by seeing a chiropractor, such as Summit Chiropractic, to help treat your arthritic pain.

Lose Weight

Should your weight be beyond the normal limits for your age, gender, and height, you'll find that losing weight is key in reducing pain in your knee. You'll experience less pressure on your joints, which leads to a relief from the aching. Always consult your doctor first before dieting or taking on any exercise program so that you lose the weight in a healthy manner. 

Introduce Turmeric into Your Diet

Turmeric is a wonderful all-natural way to combat knee pain from arthritis. It's an Indian spice that contains the ingredient curcumin, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Although the studies haven't been conducted in humans yet, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports that a 2010 survey showed significant improvement in the joints of mice who were given the spice. You can purchase capsules to swallow with some water, or start using the spice in your cooking. 

Wear a Knee Brace

Slipping on a knee brace while working around the house or out and about running errands is an excellent way to help reduce your arthritis pain. The brace works to stabilize the knee and give it additional support. You can pick up a knee brace over-the-counter, or have one prescribed to you by your orthopedic doctor. 

Just utilizing one method may not be adequate when attempting to relieve the pain in your knee. Arthritis is a serious condition that can require combining treatments in order to achieve ultimate healing and comfort.