Three Questions To Ask During Your Chiropractic Assessment For Whiplash Pain

Your first visit to a chiropractor following a whiplash injury can be like stepping into a new world if you've never experienced this sort of treatment. Chiropractors are adept at providing a great deal of information that can help new patients feel at ease; your chiropractor will ask about your health history, evaluate your body and ask you to describe your whiplash injury before the actual chiropractic adjustment. In addition to all the information being presented, it's useful to ask a few questions to expand your knowledge of the healing process. Here are three things to ask.

How Many Adjustments Will I Need To Relieve My Whiplash Pain?

Just as you shouldn't necessarily expect that a single chiropractic adjustment will alleviate all your pain, you shouldn't be under the assumption that a weekly visit to the chiropractor will take place indefinitely. Based on his or her past experiences with whiplash patients, your chiropractor should be able to give you an estimate about how many times you'll need to visit before your pain is gone. Knowing this information right away is especially ideal if you don't have health insurance and need to budget for your treatments.

What Sensation Will I Feel During The Adjustment?

There's no point in being tentative about what you'll feel during the adjustment itself. Asking the chiropractor this important question will give you the knowledge you need to relax if you're a little nervous about your first adjustment. In many cases, the adjustment causes no pain; in others, it can be slightly sore. Either way, it's beneficial to have a clear understanding of this question's answer before the adjustment begins.

What Can I Do To Help My Body Heal?

Given that your body goes through a considerable physical change as a result of the chiropractic adjustment, it's useful to ask the chiropractor about the things you can do in the hours and days after the session to aid in the healing process. You'll likely hear things such as enjoying some moderate-paced exercise and getting plenty of rest. You might also hear the value of avoiding high-stress settings, given that stress can actually lead to physical pain and could undo some of the progress made during the adjustment. While many of the chiropractor's tips will apply to all chiropractic patients, he or she will also identify some things that are specific to your health problem, which is valuable.

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