Relieving Your Sciatica Pain Through Chiropractic Therapy

Sciatica is a common condition that occurs when a nerve in your lower back is pinched between your spinal vertebrae, resulting in shooting pains down your legs, buttocks and even through your arms. This issue can be debilitating without the right treatment plan, but what can you do when conventional medicine hasn't stopped your pain? For decades, patients have been seeking alternative methods to alleviate their sciatica pain, including most notably chiropractic care. Through careful manipulation of your spine and spinal nerves, your chiropractor may be able to severely reduce or even eliminate the discomfort you feel from sciatica.    

Relieving Pain From Sciatica

Your sciatic nerve connects at the spine and runs down each of your legs, communicating between your brain and the leg muscles that carry you through the day. Of course, when anything goes wrong near such a prominent nerve, you are likely to feel it. If one of the nerves in your spine near the sciatic nerve becomes pinched, that pain will radiate down your legs and potentially lead to muscle weakness or spasms. Chiropractors seek to treat this pain and weakness by taking pressure off the nerve in question, solving the problem at its root rather than simply managing its symptoms. 

Restoring Mobility to Your Legs and Hips

Besides soothing your nerve pain, your chiropractor will also work with you to improve your mobility and get rid of any residual stiffness left over from your sciatica. This typically involves specialized exercises designed to increase your flexibility and strength, which should initially be supervised until you are able to perform them safely on your own at home. You may also undergo cold compression therapy if your pain is particularly acute or long-lasting.

All of these treatment plans are designed to increase your overall wellness; rather than just ending the pain, your chiropractor should try to ensure that the minor aches, stiffness and complications of sciatica are corrected as well. In one 2010 study, researchers found that 60 percent of patients who had had no luck through conventional medicine experienced significantly reduced pain after following a chiropractic therapy regimen. In fact, their results were on par with the improvement typically seen through surgery, all without the risks, hassles and recovery time associated with undergoing an operation.    

Combining Chiropractic Care With Other Treatments

Even if you still need surgery to wholly cure your sciatica, chiropractic therapy can be a wise choice both before and after your procedure. Spinal adjustments and exercises will help you manage your pain prior to the operation and may then be used afterward to promote healing and prevent a relapse. You may find that chiropractic care is so helpful for both your sciatica and any other ailments you suffer that you begin scheduling regular appointments as a preventative measure. If you have been dealing with sciatica pain for too long and medicine doesn't seem to be helping, explore your options with your local chiropractor (such as Charles C Gerleman Chiropractic Clinic) today to start seeking relief.