Does Your Body Hurt?

Were you recently in an auto accident? If so, does your entire body feel like it was run over by a steam roller? Or, it might just be your back or your neck that hurts. Whether the accident was a very major one, or whether your vehicle was just hit by another car from behind, you are probably still very uncomfortable and you may even be experiencing a great deal of pain. From doing things yourself at home to seeking auto injury chiropractic care, here are some ideas that might help:

Things You Can Do To Help Yourself

One of the first things you probably thought of was to take over-the-counter pain medicine. Hopefully that helped, at least a little bit. Have you also tried cold or hot compresses? Maybe you have even alternated using them as you simply relax in bed reading a good book, or watch television on your family room sofa. Consider keeping notes of what helps the most. For example, if you used a cold compress under your hurt shoulder and it helped more than the hot compress did, write that down. If you let your hurt back relax under the hot water while taking a shower and that helped, write that down, too. Did one over-the-counter medication help more than another one? If so, write that down.

After you have noted on paper the things that help you the most, consider combining them. For example, if a cold compress worked along with Ibuprofen, then that's a good plan for you to continue.

Auto Injury Chiropractor Care

If none of your own remedies helped, then you might want to consider going to a chiropractor. If you decide to do that, find a chiropractor that is experienced in helping auto injury cases. The chiropractor will have special training to give you the help you need in order to get better. At your first visit, you will probably have to fill out a few forms, including your medical history and information about your insurance.

Once all of the logistics are handled, you'll probably meet the chiropractor who will ask you about your injury. Expect him to do manipulations to your body that will help to alleviate the pain you feel. Besides these manipulations, you may also receive electrode and laser therapy. While you're receiving that treatment, you might not want to leave the office because you will feel very relaxed. The chiropractor will set up a schedule for your return visits. Each time you return to the office, you'll probably be asked what your level of pain is, on a scale of zero to ten.