What To Know About Hip Replacement Recovery

If you are scheduled to have your hip replaced in the near future, you may find yourself wondering about the recovery process. After all, you want to know when you will be back on your feet and moving around normally. Get to know some of the most important facts about the hip replacement recovery process. Then, you can be sure you are prepared for your hip replacement and the recovery period. 

You Will Be Up on Your Feet the Same Day

Doctors do not waste any time getting you up on your feet after hip replacement surgery. They do not want the joint to become stiff and immovable with scar tissue or the like. As such, you will be up and on your feet the same day as your surgery. 

You will not be able to walk very fast or very much, but you will be moving around almost immediately after surgery. Be prepared for this and be prepared to be much slower than you normally would on your feet. Your body is healing and adjusting to your new hip joint.  

You Will Need Physical Therapy

Following hip replacement surgery, you will need to go through physical therapy. This process is designed to help you increase the range of motion in your new hip joint, keep it supple, and build strength in the joint. 

Physical therapy will start while you are still in the hospital and will continue after you get home. Be sure that you make it to all of your physical therapy appointments and that you do the "homework" of exercises your physical therapist assigns to you. 

If you do not have follow-through on your exercises, your progress and healing will go slower or will become problematic. You could end up with a hip joint that is just as stiff or stiffer than it was before surgery, with a poor range of motion and limited strength. This end result would be painful and frustrating for a procedure that is supposed to improve your mobility and reduce your pain. 

So, do what your physical therapist tells you to do, and be sure to keep up with your exercise and activity as much as possible following your hip replacement surgery. This will help you immensely in the healing process. 

Knowing these facts about hip replacement recovery, you can be sure that you are as prepared as possible for your surgery and recovery. For more information, speak to a physical therapist at a clinic like Burgman Chiropractic Clinic PC