3 Possible Causes Of Unexplainable Back Pain

Pain is something that the average person dreads experiencing. There are different types of pain, and sometimes individuals do not know what is causing their pain. This can lead to them going to different doctors to determine the cause and treatment. In some cases, the cause of pain is known, but individuals may not respond to traditional treatment. Some doctors use medications to treat pain, and this is something that some individuals may be against if they fear things like addiction. 


This is a painful joint condition that is sometimes mistakenly assumed to only affect older individuals. It is degenerative and can cause varying degrees of pain in individuals of varying ages. The debilitating condition may start during the early adult years and get progressively worse. It is possible for doctors to miss a diagnosis of arthritis because there might only be a few symptoms present. The arthritic pain can be attributed to bone spurs on vertebral discs in many cases. Individuals with arthritis do not necessarily have to consider it a grim prognosis. The condition can be remedied or relieved through chiropractic care. 

Muscle Strains

Individuals can get muscle strains when they participate in activities that they do not do on a regular basis. Improper lifting or overexertion can cause this type of back pain. It might be accompanied by pain in other areas of the body such as the chest. The different areas of pain may lead to individuals trying to self-diagnose and not realizing that strained muscles are the cause of their alarming pain episodes. Muscles strains may also occur through repetitive actions such as weight lifting. 

Posture Problems

Poor posture is easily recognized by others, but an individual who has gotten used to slouching their shoulders may not realize that they are doing so. Some bone conditions such as scoliosis may cause slouching because of spine deformities. Chiropractic treatment and the use of orthotics can improve this type of back pain. 

Back pain is a specific type of pain that can be traced to a number of contributing factors. Chiropractic techniques have helped many individuals get relief from back pain. Often relief is possible without a need to use medications. If medications are used in the form of combined therapy, individuals may eventually use lower dosages or wean off of the medicine under a doctor's care. 

It is not uncommon for some individuals to feel relief soon after their first chiropractic treatment. This can lead to them not finishing the recommended treatment sessions. The risk of quitting too soon is that pain episodes may return and the treatment process may need to be started over. A chiropractor is a good resource to use to determine what types of chiropractic treatment can help with your back pain and the expected duration of those treatments.