5 Ways to Deal With Lower Back Pain

One of the most common types of pain most people experience is lower back pain. Lower back pain can hamper your day, which is why you need to understand various methods for dealing with lower back pain.

#1: Keep Your Posture During Activities 

First, you should keep your posture throughout the day when engaging in physical activities. For example, if you play a sport, you need to ensure you know the proper posture for all the movements you are supposed to do in that sport.

If you have a job that requires lifting, you need to ensure you lift items in a manner that maintains your posture. You need to make you bend and lift from the knees and not your waist. You need to make sure you move your hips from side to side, don't twist your body.

#2: Use Proper Posture When Sitting

Second, there are multiple times throughout the day when you are sitting down, from when you are driving, to when you are sitting at work to lounging on your couch. During all these different periods when you are sitting, you need to work to maintain your posture. You want to sit in chairs and environments that support your lower back and allow your feet to rest flat. Don't hunch your shoulders forward.

#3: Wear the Right Footwear

Third, it is essential to wear the right footwear throughout the day. Wearing supportive footwear can help you maintain your posture when standing and working out. The right footwear will help keep negative pressure off your spine. Try to avoid unsupportive footwear such as flip-flops and heels.

#4: Keep Moving

Fourth, it is essential to keep moving. Even when your back hurts, movement is essential. Stretching gently can help your lower back muscles heal and can accelerate the healing process. When you stretch, you will want to move comfortably and don't push yourself, so you feel any pain.

#5: Visit a Chiropractor

Fifth, it is vital to get professional treatment for your lower back pain, especially if it persists or keeps coming back. A chiropractor can evaluate your lower back pain and will work to figure out the physical reasons for your back pain. They will let you know, for example, if you have a strained muscle, or if your spine is misaligned, or if your hips are misaligned.

A chiropractor can develop a treatment plan that includes in-office treatment from your chiropractors, such as a massage bed and other manipulation tools. They can also provide you with lifestyle adjustments, such as those suggested above, that will help you treat and deal with your lower back pain.