Three Ways To Deal With A Chronically Stiff Neck

Are you tired of always waking up with a stiff neck? The stiffness can make it hard to even turn your head, let alone partake in athletic activities or even type comfortably at your computer. Continuously popping pain relievers might make you feel better in the short-term, but it’s not really getting to the heart of the problem. Here are three more effective ways to deal with a chronically stiff neck.

The Strain Of Pregnancy: How Chiropractic Care Can Help You During A Pregnancy

Chiropractic care promotes wellness without the use of medications, and many pregnant women turn to chiropractic care for pain management throughout their pregnancy. The strain of a growing fetus on the body can cause misalignment of the spine and muscle or tendon pain in the back and hips. To remain healthy during your pregnancy, it’s helpful to maintain routine visits with a chiropractor to help ease the postural changes that come with being pregnant.

Relieving Your Sciatica Pain Through Chiropractic Therapy

Sciatica is a common condition that occurs when a nerve in your lower back is pinched between your spinal vertebrae, resulting in shooting pains down your legs, buttocks and even through your arms. This issue can be debilitating without the right treatment plan, but what can you do when conventional medicine hasn’t stopped your pain? For decades, patients have been seeking alternative methods to alleviate their sciatica pain, including most notably chiropractic care.

Three Questions To Ask During Your Chiropractic Assessment For Whiplash Pain

Your first visit to a chiropractor following a whiplash injury can be like stepping into a new world if you’ve never experienced this sort of treatment. Chiropractors are adept at providing a great deal of information that can help new patients feel at ease; your chiropractor will ask about your health history, evaluate your body and ask you to describe your whiplash injury before the actual chiropractic adjustment. In addition to all the information being presented, it’s useful to ask a few questions to expand your knowledge of the healing process.

Three Health-Related New Years' Resolutions You Should Be Making

A large portion of New Years’ resolutions have to do with health. Lose weight. Exercise more. Eat healthier. Unfortunately, most people that make these resolutions do not keep them. One of the reasons why is that the goals themselves are pretty vague. If you lose one pound, for instance, you technically met the goal of “lose weight,” but you really didn’t accomplish much. This year, why not toss those fluffy, meaningless New Years’ resolutions aside, and instead make some that you can really stick to?